Winter Cleaning

Winter is fast approaching which means window cleaning will require much more preparation and attention to detail.

First the cleaner must dress the part in order to complete the task at hand.Wearing multiple layers of clothing helps,allowing the addition or removal of some depending on changing weather conditions.

 Since this job is physically demanding one tends to perspire while doing it.This can be a problem in winter,especially if your clothing becomes damp and you get chilled to the bone when a stiff breeze comes up.To combat this problem the layer of clothing against the body needs to be made of material which wicks moisture away from the skin.This most important layer will allow the worker to stay relatively dry and comfortable while moving about.

Dressing the body core correctly helps to maintain warmth and relative comfort.Yet perhaps the most difficult body parts  to keep warm while washing windows are the hands.

Since the job requires scrubbers,squeegees and other equipment that is constantly wet with liquid, it is very difficult to keep your hands dry.This is a problem because wet hands combined with cold weather can quickly lead to not only very cold cramped hands but frostbite.

 In order to have dry functioning hands window cleaners generally employ some type of waterproof glove or mitten.The type used for ice fishing seem to be preferred.Even though the liners must be changed or dried regularly they are most effective.

Now that we have covered how to keep the worker from freezing; How is the water prevented from freezing onto the window?Well; the key is not to use water; or at least not 100% water.

Depending on the temperature,wind, as well as other factors the water is mixed in solution with methanol.This is a big part of working during winter since methanol does not freeze. The tricky part is determining how much to use,because of the added cost and the fact that soap does not mix very well with it.( which affects the cleaning solutions effectiveness).Therefore,using the least amount of methanol while also not having ice form on the window is a balancing act that continues through-out the day.

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