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Minneapolis window cleaners have a unique set of conditions to work in the outdoors. There are very definitely four distinct seasons in this area . The spring starts out cool and wet eventually giving way to a hot sometimes dry summer. Cold can come as early as October with snow potentially not too far behind.Winter is long and sometimes very cold.

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Since the seasons vary so much the working conditions do also.This requires various tools,equipment,and washing solutions throughout the year.It is most difficult in the winter when things tend to freeze up on you, including your fingers or other bits of your body.

Because the winter is so cold,in this market some aspects of the business become seasonal.

Residential cleaning usually stops once there is snow permanently on the ground.Attempting ladder work after then can be slippery and potentially dangerous.Commercial high rise work also ends at this time of year.

Cleaning in Minneapolis continues during the winter primarily on lower level commercial buildings.In order to do this extreme measures must be taken.Many layers of clothing and water proof gloves or rubber eskimo mittens need to be worn.Since water would freeze the cleaning solution used contains quite a bit of methanol.Ahh, winter in the north-land.

 Residential cleaning is busy for the spring-time clean-up and in the fall getting ready for the holidays.It can be extended into the summer with effective marketing.

High rise work is most needed in spring going into summer as building owners are wanting to clean the salt and grime from their windows left over from winter storms.

In summation: lower level commercial buildings such as ; strip malls, indoor malls,fast-food resturants are cleaned year-round and can form a base for the business.During warmer weather there are opportunities for speciality work including Residential and High Rise. 


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