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 Window Cleaners come in many different varieties or flavors ,if you will . Some cover many types of window cleaning such as : commercial buildings,high rise,strip malls,indoor malls,condominiums,apartments or residential. Others specialize; doing only high rise or focusing on  cleaning residential homes for example. When seeking to hire a window cleaner be certain the company employs specialists for your particular application.

 Window cleaners make use of many types of tools and equipment in order to complete their work. Most use a water based cleaning solution,a scrubber,and squeegee. In order to reach higher windows, some make use of ladders, others prefer extension poles. Poles are better as far as job safety is concerned although their use requires more skill. Detail (touch-up) work is best done with a lint less cloth such as those used by surgeons. A more recent innovation regarding poles called a water fed system makes use of a scrub brush at the poles end that is fed washing and rinsing solution. No matter what method is used to wash your windows the end result is most important.


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 Results can vary greatly from one company to another and even amongst individual window cleaners. The mechanics of washing windows is fairly straight forward and many people can do an adequate job. Yet, knowing when and how to employ specific tools of the trade can make a world of difference in obtaining superior results. There is no magic window cleaning solution that will automatically result in sparkling glass. Understand  ,it takes years of experience under varying conditions in order for the cleaner to gain the skills needed to master his trade.

 Other aspects of the job are more a form of art. Have you ever seen a child watching mesmerized while window cleaners work. The rhythm and patterns of movement along with the soapy water seeming to disappear, must seem like magic to them.

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