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Summer Window Cleaning

Summertime took a long time to come to the northland this year. We had snowstorms well into April this year. After that it was cool and we experienced record rainfall. Needless to say the residential home cleaning business has been slow to pick up.So,if your windows need cleaning give us a call.We will give you […]


   Window Cleaners Minneapolis Saint Paul                Kevin Halvorson Window Cleaning                                                            call    763 219 6023  Window Cleaners come in many different varieties or flavors ,if you will . Some cover many types of window cleaning such as : commercial buildings,high rise,strip malls,indoor malls,condominiums,apartments or residential. Others specialize; doing only high rise or focusing on  cleaning residential homes for example. When […]


Window Washers   Minneapolis Saint Paul                                               Kevin Halvorson Window Cleaning                                                           call   763 219 6023 Window Washers are an important part of home maintenance.So as you consider scheduling; lawn and garden,pool,deck,housekeeping,painting and other services, remember to include your windows. In order to keep your windows in good condition,it is recommended they be cleaned at least twice a […]