Residential Cleaning

Cleaning the windows of a persons home is much different than doing a restaurant or strip mall on a set schedule.

In the commercial application cleaners become very familiar with the job since they do it on a regular basis. There are no suprises, the worker knows the ins and outs of getting the job done.The task varies with the weather but because of the maintenance schedule, the windows rarely become excessively dirty.

Homes on the other hand are rarely cleaned more than once or twice a year.This makes them much harder to clean-up since the dirt and grime have such a long time to build up and get baked on by the sun . Also ,unless the family is a regular customer, the ins and outs of the job are not known to the worker ,so he must take the time to figure out how to complete it.

Residential cleaning can be more profitable in the short term but in the northern latitudes it is a seasonal business. The base of work for year round income must therefore be of the commercial variety.

Even though the residential side of the business tends to be more demanding ; It can also be more fullfilling. Some homes have been neglected for years , others with old combination storms are  difficult to take apart and put back together. Yet, when the job is complete and the customer is satisfied ; the thanks and appreciation make all the difference.

So whether the home owners are getting ready for a special event,doing spring-cleaning or finally getting around to the windows ;  there is a sense of satisfaction in helping them improve their surroundings and taking part in the process.This is a much more personal type of work as people invite you into their homes .





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