Minneapolis Snowstorm

We had our first big snowfall of the season this week, fifteen inches. It was a wet heavy snow that quickly became packed down by traffic creating two to three inches of ice on the roadways.Then the temperature went down into the single digits staying cold most of the week.This made the ice very difficult for the plows to remove.

Getting around Minneapolis and Saint Paul was very difficult. Commutes took two to three hours longer than normal.The roads were like a washboard,with bumpy ice layers frozen to the pavement. Under these conditions it was very difficult to build up any amount of speed without slipping around possible into the ditch,or being jostled about vibrating the the car apart !

Needless to say not much window cleaning work was getting accomplished since just getting to the job was such a challenge.

Once at the job site the snow continues to complicate getting the work done. After the plowing and piling up it can sometimes be difficult to actually get to the windows. Extra gear and clothing is necessary to navigate the snow drifts and icy terrain.

Good boots along with snow pants help.

Cleaning windows with ice and snow stuck to them and their sills makes for a less than perfect job yet the work still got done. Using methanol in the solution and waterproof mittens allows for the windows and your hands not to freeze up.

Later in the week temperatures rose above freezing permitting the ice to melt and travel to once again reach speeds above a crawl on the roadways.

Such is life in the northland when mother nature creates just the right conditions to fowl up our travels.

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