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Make certain you actually possess the correct equipment as well as the most appropriate window cleaner to do the job.

Watering down a modest amount of ammonia, rubbing alcohol or vinegar produces a solution which is excellent on dirt  and grease. Combining hot water along with corn starch or simply dish-soap results in a simple yet effective  window cleanser.

 Cleaning solution is an important component in getting the windows clean,however, making use of the proper equipment is essential to eliminating streaks.Though it is possible to put on cleaning solution using a cloth, the best is by utilizing a scrubber. They are made use of to loosen all the dirty debris that builds up on a window.The action of getting rid of the cleaning solution is when streaks typically show up. Paper cloths, towels,as well as newspaper may all be employed to clean windows.The most effective way to make sure of no streaks is usually to make use of a squeegee. They employ a rubber blade which takes away the cleanser when you pull it along the window.    Scrubbers, squeegees and lint-free cloths will certainly prove useful for cleaning windows.

Along with owning the appropriate cleaner as well as tools to do the job, you will find things you can do to improve  your window washing method. One example is, steer clear of cleaning windows in the event the sun is  right on them. The sun’s rays dry the  solution in a short time, quite often in advance of when you  wipe it well, creating streaks.With a squeegee, begin on the top of the window working side-to-side.  to push built up water in the direction of the unwashed area of the window.Wipe the squeegee with a clean cloth often.Also wipe-up runs and drips around the edges of the window and the sill.

Scrubbers with nylon bristles can be used on really dirty glass.
Extention poles will help to reach higher windows.
Change the cleaning solution in your bucket when it becomes dirty.
Carefully scrape paint ect with a very sharp blade.
Some sgueegees have blades that can be replaced,change them as soon as they become worn.







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