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Summer Window Cleaning

Summertime took a long time to come to the northland this year. We had snowstorms well into April this year. After that it was cool and we experienced record rainfall. Needless to say the residential home cleaning business has been slow to pick up.So,if your windows need cleaning give us a call.We will give you […]

Minneapolis Snowstorm

We had our first big snowfall of the season this week, fifteen inches. It was a wet heavy snow that quickly became packed down by traffic creating two to three inches of ice on the roadways.Then the temperature went down into the single digits staying cold most of the week.This made the ice very difficult […]

Winter Cleaning

Winter is fast approaching which means window cleaning will require much more preparation and attention to detail. First the cleaner must dress the part in order to complete the task at hand.Wearing multiple layers of clothing helps,allowing the addition or removal of some depending on changing weather conditions.  Since this job is physically demanding one tends […]

Cleaning Windows

 call 763 219 6023                                                                                                                                                                                 If you’ve previously cleaned your current house windows, you understand the experience. You delay so that the weather conditions are ideal, gather everything together and invest  many hours out-of-doors doing the job,  systematically throughout the house to scrub each and every window. When you are finished, you may exhale a […]

Window Cleaning Minneapolis

Minneapolis window cleaners have a unique set of conditions to work in the outdoors. There are very definitely four distinct seasons in this area . The spring starts out cool and wet eventually giving way to a hot sometimes dry summer. Cold can come as early as October with snow potentially not too far behind.Winter […]